Why invest in Panda Technology?


Panda Technology, unlike other ecological alternatives for plastic waste treatment, we elimi-nate these through a fast and efficient process, in which we also obtain less polluting synthetic fuel, all free of emissions and pollution. Also having a large treatment capacity, being able to eliminate up to 100 tons per day or the equivalent of 30,000 tons per year of emission-free waste per plant. In the same way, we do not only offer the best solution regarding

the problem, it is also a highly beneficial project.


What is our mission?


Our main concern is the devastating consequences of plastic waste in our country, since huge amounts of these are generated and in many cases they are not treated correctly and less in the least polluting way. Where we, at Panda Technology Spain intend to change, eliminating these in a completely emission-free way and also taking

a new advantage by obtaining synthetic fuel, also cleaner and more respectful with our environment. Being the

best solution, also the most efficient and profitable of all the feasible ones, that currently exist. 


What is Panda Technology?


Panda Technology is not only a company, it is a project to combat climate change caused by serious human pollution, which is perpetuating too long at the full responsibility of previous generations, however we, current generations can and must remedy it. Panda Technology aims to achieve the same, remedy past and current

errors that affect and damage our environ-ment, being our priority to protect and save our planet with our technology. In the same way, that all the people who are part of this project, will contribute significantly to it. Contribute, by investing in the Panda project.


We would be glad to make you an individual, interesting and lucrative investment offer.

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