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Landfill valuation 

The plant is calibrated to treat and recycle up to 100 tons of plastic waste materials per day 365 days a year. Incoming waste will be processed immediately eliminating any stoppage. Huge storage areas are not needed. The plant will be operated by a staff of 14 people spread in 3 shifts to work 24 hours a day. Panda Technology

will charge a “tipping fee” of 50 euros per ton of plastic waste, generating at full capacity a revenue stream of 1,825,000 euros.


However, the main source of income will come from the sale of synthetic diesel  at a price of

0.4 euro per liter, i.e. roughly 20% below the pre-tax price of fossil diesel in Spain. Diesel will be sold to whole-sale distributors to avoid distribution costs. We estimate full capacity of net diesel sales at 66,300 liters per day translating into a daily revenue stream slightly below 27,000 euros or  9.7million euros per year. Total yearly revenues will top 11million euros.


The plant will work at full capacity after a 6month testing period at 30% of capacity. On the expense side, we estimate yearly operating costs slightly above 3million euros including land (50,000 euros), auxiliary materials (682,000 euros), maintenance (482,000 euros), salaries (1,300,000 euros) and miscellaneous costs (500,000 euros for administration, office, security and insurance). Our base case projects an EBITDA/Income ratio of 72.8% or 45.6% after debt repayment. Break Even Point (Percent capacity

to cover operating costs) is 23.6%.


Plant module structure diagram

Depolymerization of waste into high quality Fossil Free Fuel


Panda Technology through its proprietary system can convert all forms of Hydro Carbon based material and most carbon based materials into High Quality Fossil Free Fuel TM. Panda Technology produced Fossil Free Fuel TM can be used without any further refining or any adjustments to engines as soon as it leaves the process. Panda Technology System is a Zero Waste System; nothing is left to landfill anymore and all this without negative impact on the Environment and reaching Carbon Credits through its application. The Mobile system can convert 10 tons per day into no less than 1200 Gallons of Fuel. The 100TPD system can convert 100 tons per day into no less than 12000 Gallons of Fuel.