Catalytic Depolymerisation: Plastic Waste to Liquid Fuels

Bioenergy has become a popular de-carbonization strategy to meet climate goals. Panda’s proprietary system offers society the potential of eliminating 30.000 tons of plastic waste per year and producing carbon neutral liquid fuels. Catalytic Depolymerisation Process (CDP) offers a cheap and efficient solution versus its main alternatives (bio-diesel  and e-fuels, i.e. “Green Hydrogen” made from solar or wind energy): 

By transforming plastic waste in synthetic fuel, our technology de-pollutes our environment with no social or economic costs associated with etherification of vegetable oils or sugar fermentation (no competition with agriculture and the food industry). CDP is sustainable.

CDP is cheap and scalable from 10 tons to 100 tons of plastic waste per day. Input has no cost. Technology is amongst the most efficient and is energy self-sufficient. This is in sharp contrast with e-fuels which converts at best half of the energy into fuels (versus CDP’s plastic waste conversion rate slightly below 80%). E-fuel is inherently inefficient. Furthermore, production costs are expensive (electrolysers). Together with the poor yield of production, higher costs

force e-fuels companies to seek economies of scale through large facilities. Panda’s approach is alternative and projects small or medium-size units at local level and close to their clients and customers. Our technology is particularly suitable for regions and countries with less access to renewable energy, heavy budgetary constraints but strong de-polluting needs.

CDP is no-polluting. So is e-fuel production but not biodiesels due to the pollution caused by production of vegetable oils and sugars. Panda Technology System is a Zero Waste System. Nothing is left to plastic waste and our technology is zero-emission. Non-condensable gas (methane) is used to generate the electricity required for the process. Fuel can be used in any engine designated to use diesel. The absence of impurities such as stearin or free carbon ( “black diesel smoke”) means that there are many positive results in respect to CO2 emissions.

Our technology is a small piece of a global strategy for cleaning our planet. It is not the panacea for all our climate ills but we are proud to offer a cheap and efficient solution easy to implement and operate.

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