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Company objectives

Although CDP (Catalytic De-polimerization Process) has been designed to process all types of waste materials, Panda Technology Spain focuses on plastic residuals and how to transform them into synthetic fuel.


Plastic recycling is a key issue of ecological transition due to the devastating impact of plastic residuals on human environment and wildlife. But current plastic waste is far from being efficient. This is particularly true in Spain. According to MITECO (the Spanish Ministry for Ecological Transition), nearly half of Spanish plastics (44%) end up in legal or ilegal garbage dumps. Furthermore, usual burning techniques are highly polluting due to the emission of toxic gases and heavy metals such as dioxins and furans. Finally, plastic waste material exports are gradually banned and under scrutiny by the international community and “Green Watchers”. CDP offers a cheap, efficient and non-polluting solution.


Panda Technology Spain is located in the heart of the Almería region. Almería is one of the hottest “spot” of plastic pollution in Spain due to the intensive cultivation of vegetables for the European market. According to recent statistics, Almería concentrates 48million square meters of plastic greenhouses operated by around 15,000 SMEs and a dozen of larger companies or cooperatives. Top-down calculations suggest that roughly 35,000 tons of plastic residuals have to be processed every year, not speaking of more than 100,000 tons of existing residuals which have to be eliminated. This is now top priority of the industry and local authorities due to the citizen pressure to find non-polluting solutions. Plastic management is a challenge and a cause of higher costs as producers face growing penalties in case of not respecting waste management norms.


Pre-covid statistics show that the industry operates nearly 70,000 rotations of trailers per year to export 2,700,000 tons of vegetables, mainly to the rest of Spain and Europe. There is a strong local transport market in search of lower operating costs and cleaner synthetic fuel for trailers. This is another powerful argument to locate our pilot plant in Almería.


The principals of Panda Technology are experienced in every aspect of this business and are founded this company to meet the growing need for alternative energy and fuels in the world by using only existing waste and bio-products, as well as to operate a profitable business. The Management Team was handpicked to assure the values of Panda Technology are supported which is stated in our Slogan:



Waste fuel. A future for our world!

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A future for our world!